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The world is upgrading, and our ride is the foremost status symbol we like to flaunt. Upgrade yours and fetch your preferred motor at the best price. Don't go with the blinding ads. At QTC, we let you compare the prices and conditions first, so that when you pay, it's ONLY for the best.

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  1. Mr. Abdullah Quality work and friendliness is why I chose to work with Quetta Trading Co. Ltd. It just felt right. You were organized very easy to work with. The whole experience has been great and I am very happy with our new website. Your best qualities are enthusiasm, friendliness, professionalism and quality of work.
  2. Mr. Zohaib We are pleased to recommend the services of Quetta Trading Corporation. We have been their trading partner for the last 7 years. All of our experience during our association with Quetta Trading Corporation has been very positive, and to our knowledge this company has a history of timely and successfully completing its shipment. We know of no reason why should hesitate to award your purchases & shipments to them.
  3. Mr. Malik Lots of sites promise the world but deliver untested ideas, fluff or basic information you can find anywhere. But Quetta Trading is full of practical, implementable strategies you won't find anywhere else. And they work.
  4. Syed Kaiful Inam It's been a great pleasure working with QTC. Your dedication towards my company is highly appreciated especially with the efficient, reliable, fast and friendly service we have received over the years. You have set high standards and we hope you continue to provide the high quality service in the future. We have established a very good relationship on a professional level and we will certainly continue doing business with you.
  5. Mr. Bukhari Asad Ali Quetta Trading is a simple, straightforward way to provide excellent support. We'd be toast without it. I'm always impressed with the service orientation I find when I interact with Quetta Family. They are really easy to work with and seem to appreciate their customers.
  6. Mr. Nakano Hirotaka We will continue to recommend Quetta Trading for future also. We trust their recommendations and results. Professional, courteous and outstanding workmanship are just few of the reasons that we recommend Quetta Trading to all of you.
  7. Mr. Faisal Riaz We have used Quetta Trading Co. Ltd. for a number of years, and would not consider using any other company to purchase the cars from. We look for committed customer service, good pricing, and above all reliability, and I am pleased to say that Quetta Trading Co. Ltd. deliver all of these, every time. Any issues we have had (and there have been very few) have always been dealt with promptly and with staff who clearly know what they are doing.